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darlingssecret's Journal

Anne Frank the undercover Jew
loss, my heart chokes
72 in the crotch, abuse tails, all up in, also a jew, anti-porn tears, ape-ist, artaud dice clay, backup vocals/better black girl, beach gays, big blue junkie eyes, birthday heart calls, black girl white dress, blixa sinister, blond football players, broken childern, buying h/not doing it, carlo mollino i'm you, chanel for ugly faces, childress paymaster, christmas everday, coal flowers, count cool rider, crazy chinee girl, cruel and crude, crutches and bandages, daddys tan bitches, david nebredas laces, definition of panties, detatchment to you, diamonds for blood, dog+girl, dress code as art, drunk punching windows, every maze, eyes like ivory pools, frosted yellow willow, fur gloves, fur hats with ears, galling sense of shame, gameshow romance, god loving me, graveyard jailhouse tattoos, hiroshima comix, home surgery: plastic, how many home alones?, james doing impressions, jjets sexy corpse, jokes of schoolboys/girls, kel-c clean cunt, kids doing yoga nude, locker room peeking, loner cats, louie vuitton garbage bags, loveless ones, mamas 40yr old babyboy, moire pains, morphine sleep itch, mr. ww2, ms. 45s face, my penis dreams, neck bruses, obessive dental hygene, palms on hands, penny hooves, punchy doll eyes, rapture in my arms, red duvet, red thread mix tape, rj+nw through grave, santas clauses, scharffen berger cacao, secrets! secrets! secrets!, shirtless kids, smoke machine breath, spelling with z, stay out snoop!, streetcorner babies, stuffies with toofs, sucking someone elses thumb, sweet kickboxers, tattered panties, the "oh wow" factor, the smell of casts, the sweetest dream, those white niggers, tom es interests, too good looking, tornado home footage, unborn jonny, unhealthy obessions of luv, useless heartbreak, wild teen years, willing you to me, working phone cards, x mormon cock, yayois flowered hands